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We are proud to announce the addition of Fendi eyewear to our collection at Temkin Opticians. When it comes to luxury, Fendi has been on the top of that list for many years. Fendi has been creating runway ready eyewear for years. The company was founded in 1925 and since then has been a name synonymous with quality and style. In the fashion world there are few names that represent the high quality that Fendi does and most do not come anywhere near being as popular as this well-loved and time tested brand. When partnering with Safilo, who manufactures the Fendi eyewear collection, Fendi expected the premium craftsmanship and quality materials to create their eyewear line which Safilo delivered. Fendi stands behind its brand and has never sacrificed quality for price. So while you will pay a premium for these glasses, you can rest assured that you are purchasing a pair that will set you apart as the fashionable elite.

Everyone knows that good glasses can really make your look. When shopping for the perfect pair, make sure to consider your face shape, style, and personality. But no matter the frame shape and look that you want to convey, Fendi eyewear is always a classic look for any person’s style. By the mid-1960s, Fendi was a name in Italy that everyone recognized. This stylish brand had worked hard to set themselves apart, but didn’t stop there. Moving to the United States in 1989 opened up their market and allowed them to create even more amazing products for their fans. Considered one of the leaders in the fashion world, Fendi works hard every year to produce quality products that will impress and please even the harshest critics.

Fendi eyewear currently is available in ladies styles with many models now considered as unisex. You will find a huge selection within their sunglasses and ophthalmic collections. With many styles and frame shapes to suit every face, we know that Fendi eyewear will look great on many. Our professionals at Temkin Opticians can help you find a pair that fits your personality and makes you feel great. From cat’s eye glasses to animal print and that will shine in the sun, there is a pair for everyone. It doesn’t matter which ones you choose as you will be receiving the culmination of years of technology and craftsmanship that set Fendi apart.

The new eyeglass collection from Fendi shows that this company does get better with time. Karl Lagerfeld is a genius, and his knowledge about blending design with utility is apparent in every frame. With interesting lines and sharp corners, these aren’t your grandmother’s glasses. They will bring the catwalk to your everyday life and are sure to become your favorite pair of glasses. The wild and graphic prints on these frames are tempered by the romantic lines that are present in every pair. You can always try on a pair of Fendi glasses at Temkin Opticians in Vaughan.

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