Lacoste Eyewear

We are proud to introduce Lacoste eyewear to our Vaughan location at Temkin Opticians. Lacoste is one of the most recognizable and profound product lines for more than 80 years. If you see a pair of Lacoste frames, you’ll recognize them instantly thanks to the famous ‘gator’ logo, but what really sets Lacoste apart is the style and elegance associated with the brand.

The frames manufactured under Lacoste were originally designed with sporting in mind, but since then, the vibrant colors, flawless designs and premium materials have truly taken the brand to the next level. You may know Lacoste brand for their high-end, sporty-style clothing and the eyeglasses were created as an addition to the class already created by the company.

Founded in France in 1933, Lacoste was designed with both fashion and function in mind. When it came to every article of clothing, accessory and now eyewear they created, which still rings true today. Excellent quality, dedication to superior products, and innovative design continues to make this company more relevant and on top of the fashion industry as ever. While you certainly don’t have to live a ‘sporty’ lifestyle to enjoy Lacoste frames, you’ll love the edgy, yet timeless designs that set them apart. We don’t often think of sports and elegance together in many situations, but somehow, Lacoste eyeglasses marry the two in a flawless execution.

Lacoste eyewear also has a decent selection of frames for kids. Vibrant colors and quality frames make them a brand to choose for the entire family. With our introduction we at Temkin Opticians currently have over twenty Lacoste frames to try on.

For frames that have stood the test of time, and continue to reinvent themselves to fit into the chic and comfortable style of today, take a closer look at our Lacoste selection that combines elegance and class with sporty-chic designs that look great on everyone.

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