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Stella McCartney collections are distributed in over 77 countries. Other than that, the collection is shipped to over 100 countries online. Her collections include women’s accessories, ready-to-wear collections, lingerie, fragrance collection, kid’s collection and eyewear.  Her collections represent her signature style of sharp tailoring, sexy femininity and natural confidence. You can now find her eyewear collection at Temkin Opticians in Vaughan.

The Stella McCartney eyewear collection is a natural extension to the ready-to-wear collections, made with bio-based materials, with a modern, confident and feminine aesthetic. The materials used to create the eyewear collection uses over 50 percent raw materials from natural origins. Therefore, the materials used for the manufacturing process are derived from natural sources.

Stella McCartney has launched a special innovative eyewear collection for spring 2016. The collection has extended under the recently launched partnership with Kering Eyewear. The iconic eyewear collection has managed to gain worldwide popularity within a short span of time. The collection is definitely a must-have for all those who want to keep up with the trends of 2016. The creative process of the eyewear collection is growing with the launch of every new model. There are glasses available for every face type.

You would surely find a pair of glasses that compliment your face cut and enhances your features. After all, optics is a necessity for some and a style statement for others. This collection offers you both the advantages, and thus, your necessity would not be the reason for your drawback in the world of fashion. Every age group can find the right glasses for themselves, without having to worry about looking outdated. You have the opportunity to express your true personality through your eyeglasses style. Classic and timeless pieces are also available in this collection for the people who like to keep things in the old-fashioned manner. There are other diverse pieces available as well.

Other than that, if you enjoy playing around with colors, then there is a colorful set of glasses available, which were designed using the signature Stella McCartney color palette. Moreover, you can treat yourself with a nice pair of sunglasses, which you can take with yourself on vacation. The trend driven sunglasses would help you make the perfect style statement, as well as, fulfill your need. A good pair of sunglasses would come through with you for a longer period of time. Make it a useful investment. It helps you maintain a balance between the fashion requirement and your necessity.

All of the glasses from Stella McCartney’s new spring eye-wear collection are made with the best quality acetate, and the highest resistance rate. It maintains the finish of the glasses for a longer period of time and is made using the bio-acetate composition. So get a nice pair of glasses for yourself and flaunt it! You can try on some models at Temkin Opticians.

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