Seraphin Eyewear

We are introducing Seraphin glasses to our collection of unique quality eyewear. As always we are looking for something new to add to our collections and Seraphin fits in well. Seraphin eyewear is a luxury product from the creators of OGI eyewear. Although Serpahin frames do not have the selection of models as some of the bigger designer brands, they still have a fairly large selection of shapes and sizes. Most Seraphin frames come in a selection of four different colors with the majority of glasses manufactured from acetate.

When we look at frames we always make sure our customer is getting a quality product. Seraphin eyewear manufactures their frames in Japan and are handmade. They seem to focus on quality as much as the current fashion eyewear trends. With Seraphin eyewear you really get a beautiful mix between the modern shapes and the vintage look. We particulary enjoy the two tone frames that implement the shiny acetate and matte finish.

Even celebreties are getting in on the Seraphin trend. You will find many consultants fitting celebrities with Seraphin eyewear for film and television. Seraphin also has a small lineup of Sunglasses with a mostly retro feel. You can always check out Seraphin eyewear at Temkin Opticians while in the Greater Toronto Area.

seraphin eyewear

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