Zeal Optics

Please welcome Zeal Optics to our location in Vaughan. Zeal optics offers a great selection of lifestyle eyewear for all occasions. Zeal optics offers 100% cotton, biodegradable frames that are safer for the environment and will only biodegrade when disposed of. Zeal optics uses premium polarized lenses that offer crystal clear vision and cut 99% of glare. You can also get your pair of Zeal frames in your prescription using the same technology that their sunglasses use. Zeal uses their CamLoc™ Hinge system to lock the temples in place to prevent scratching of the lenses when your frames are closed and their Proflex designs always ensure a comfortable fit in all Zeal Sunglasses.

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Zeal Optics not only manufactures fine sunglasses they also specialize in Snow Goggles. Based in Boulder, Colorado Zeal snow goggles have become a staple in their sport. Using the latest technology Zeal offers the HD Video + Camera goggle and their GPS collection. Now you can record yourself while conquering new jumps or have the ability to know your location on top of the highest peaks, location of your friends, and all parameters about your descend.

Zeal Goggles