Miraflex Eyewear

How many pairs of glasses did your child break in the last year?  If you are one of those parents who can’t keep up with their children’s broken glasses a solution is finally here.  Miraflex is the newest innovation in children’s eyewear.  One of the best features of Miraflex eyewear is that a child as early as eight months old can wear them.  Miraflex eyewear is made with no metal, has no screws, no nose pads and no hinges, therefore no adjustment and no replacement parts are needed.  In addition, Miraflex glasses are hypoallergenic, designed and made in Italy using the latest technology and premium plastic.  Miraflex eyewear comes with an elastic band which is available fixed or adjustable in several sizes that adjust to your child’s head to make sure that the glasses don’t fall off.  For your child’s enjoyment Miraflex glasses come in a large variety of colors.  Different shapes and sizes are available depending on the child’s age.

Miraflex became so popular that the product appeared on one of the episodes of the hit show
“The Doctors.”  You can watch the video below and see for yourself.

Many Optometrists say that it is hard to catch vision problems in children because most kids do not know if they are seeing well or not.  It is recommended that children get an eye exam as early as six months to make sure that various eye conditions would not go unnoticed.  In Ontario, OHIP covers eye exams for children nineteen and under so parents can use this opportunity to check their children’s vision.

At Temkin Opticians in the greater Toronto area, we carry Miraflex eyewear and have a trial set with different sizes and colors so your children can try them on and see which style or model fits them best.